Maintenance services

We are the pioneers, providing the largest centre for complete maintenance and installation services for CCTV systems and anti-theft alarm systems. We work on-site survey, site cover scanning and system inspection completely around the place of residence to ensure that monitoring systems work in the best of what the site needs as private homes, entertainment parks, hotels, universities, and Car parks, offices, shopping malls, exhibition centre, factories, warehouse, and banks.

We are the pioneers, providing the largest center for complete maintenance and installation services for regular and central satellite systems, receivers and remotes of all types, such as tiger receivers, bein receivers, OSN receivers, Humax receivers, spider receivers .....

We work on-site survey if necessary and thoroughly examine the system around the installation site to ensure that satellite systems work in the best ways as private homes, hotels, universities, offices, factories, hospitals, and banks.

We pioneers provide the largest service center for maintenance with more than 20 years' experience. TV screens, receivers, and remotes with all hardware and software problems. They also provide all necessary parts for maintenance and modern equipment used with the highest standards and the necessary examination methods to solve the problems of broken and invalid devices.

Our systems maintenance services

Repair - programming - software - installation

TV screens, receivers, air conditioners, closed-circuit television, anti-theft protection systems, fingerprint systems, central telephone exchanges, intercom systems, home satellite, central satellite, all types of remotes (receivers - televisions - air conditioners).

Monitoring systems and maintenance centre maintenance contains the best modern inspection devices testing.